Istrazivanja i projektovanja za privreduJournal of Applied Engineering Science


ISSN: 1451-4117

E-ISSN: 1821-31977
Volume 5 number 17, pages: 7 - 14

Mitic Maja S. 
Geomagnetski zavod, Belgrade, Serbia

In past few years, more and more we come across of phrase sustainable development and it's clearly known that it contains principals which application requests lots of changes and transformation in all social and technological structures. For countries in transition, in moments when crucial economical, industrial and social reforms are taking place, that fact is of the greatest importance. The basic change that has to be delivered is different technology and resource management system from traditional one that still exists in most countries. One of the newer methods in this kind of management, which has been developed in last decade, is management by identification of sustainability indicators. They, as a direct orientors of social, economical, industrial and ecological state - technological development of distinct environment, can be very good guidance in which direction should be acted, from all mentioned aspects.

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