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Research into visual - motor monitoring by operators of mobile objects
SSN: 1451-4117
E-ISSN: 1821-3197
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 terms and conditions.

Volume 15 article 435pages: 231 - 235

Igor Petukhov*
Volga State University of Technology, Russian Federation

Lyudmila Steshina
Volga State University of Technology, Russian Federation

Pavel Kurasov
Volga State University of Technology, Russian Federation

Dmitriy Chernykh
Volga State University of Technology, Russian Federation

Il’ya Tanryverdiev
Volga State University of Technology, Russian Federation

The paper presents a new model of the visual-motor monitoring which features two control loops - objective and subjective ones. This model allows to explain the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance that is experienced by operators in solving sophisticated problems. The results of experimental studies comprising the control of an object under conditions of the objective and subjective control are presented.

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