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DOI 10.5937/jaes17-20734
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Volume 17 article 603 pages: 251 - 255

Viktor Shebashev
Volga State University of Technology, Russia
Yury Andrianov*
Volga State University of Technology, Russia
Lyudmila Nizova
Volga State University of Technology, Russia
Ekaterina Andreeva
Volga State University of Technology, Russia

The authors studied at the mesoeconomic level the priorities and problems in developing innovative entrepreneurship and increasing the role of engineers. Having in mind a variety of interpretations offered both by foreign and Russian scholars, the authors proposed a concept of “entrepreneurship” which is defined as a type of economic activity based on independent initiative, responsibility, and innovative entrepreneurial idea. The article describes an institutional environment for innovative entrepreneurship. Monitoring the number of small and medium enterprises, the average number of employees, wages and the volume of investments allowed to determine the dynamics of their economic status over the past six years. The authors emphasized the importance of attracting engineers to business, by creating small enterprises, technology parks, business incubators and other innovative institutions in collaboration with higher educational institutions. This has become essential in response to sanctions and in the context of import substitution.

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