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DOI: 10.5937/jaes0-30916 
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY 4.0
Creative Commons License

Volume 20 article 903 pages: 53-62

Yi-Ren Wang*
Tamkang University, Department of Aerospace Engineering, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chien-Chun Hung
Tamkang University, Department of Aerospace Engineering, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Hsin Huang
Tamkang University, Department of Aerospace Engineering, New Taipei City, Taiwan

This technical note investigates a hinged-hinged nonlinear Euler-Bernoulli beam resting on an elastic foundation subjects to moving loads. The method of multiple scales (MOMS) is employed to analyze this nonlinear beam model. The fixed points plots are made to identify the system’s internal resonance. The frequency ratio plot is proposed to predict the system internal resonance conditions. This study improved the author’s earlier work for a wider range of prediction on internal resonance conditions. The continuous concentrated moving loads are applied to this nonlinear beam model. The dynamic vibration absorber (DVA) is attached on the beam to reduce vibration and prevent internal resonance. The mass, spring constant and location of the DVA are studied to obtain the best damping effect on the nonlinear beam with moving loads. The results are verified by numerical results and ANSYS simulations.

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This research was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, Republic of China (Title of the project: Analysis and verification of space rockets - subproject: Vibration reducing on space rockets. Grant number: MOST 109-2224-E-006-004).

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