Istrazivanja i projektovanja za privreduJournal of Applied Engineering Science


ISSN: 1451-4117

E-ISSN: 1821-31977
Volume 4 number 14, pages: 33 - 40

Devetakovic Mirjana 
Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Radojevic Milan 
Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Kosic Tatjana 
Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Trying to estimate perspectives of Facility Management development in Serbia, the authors are looking for rare cases and initiations of Facility Management in practice, considering recent experiences from the countries in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region such as Hungary, Croatia and other European countries in transition. In a milieu of a recovering economy, privatization in progress, a dynamic real estate market and an expansion of foreign investments, development of FM is regarded as a field with a significant perspective. The presence of developed FM concepts in European countries can be a chance for Serbia to start developing its own FM strategy based on the best regional experiences.

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