Istrazivanja i projektovanja za privreduJournal of Applied Engineering Science


ISSN: 1451-4117

E-ISSN: 1821-31977
Volume 5 number 18, pages: 37 - 46

Goben Abu Mohamed 
Al Quds Open University, Gaza, Palestina

Krcevinac Slobodan 
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

Vujosevic Mirko  
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

The term modeling system, mainly used in the field of optimization, may be considered as the synonym for modern decision support systems. This system consists of modeling languages, solvers for finding optimal solution of the model, data bases and user interface and communication infrastructure for the elements of the system. The modeling systems enable a wide application of operations research methods and techniques in an easy and friendly way. Solving optimization problems will be in the future more available for a larger number of users, not the privilege of mathematical programming specialists or operations research professionals.

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