Istrazivanja i projektovanja za privreduJournal of Applied Engineering Science


ISSN: 1451-4117

E-ISSN: 1821-31977
Volume 9 article 199 pages: 331 - 338

Dragisa Tolmac
University of Novi Sad, Technical faculty „Mihajlo Pupin“, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Slavica Prvulovic
University of Novi Sad, Technical faculty „Mihajlo Pupin“, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Ljubisa Josimovic
Technical school, Pozarevac, Serbia

Dragana Dimitrijevic
University of Novi Sad, Technical faculty „Mihajlo Pupin“, Zrenjanin, Serbia

The biomass supply chain constitutes a system that is highly dynamic. The developed and proposed systems architectures for the management of the supply chains of typical industrial products do not directly apply to the case of the biomass supply chain. Nevertheless, it is imperative that a dedicated framework is needed according to the industrial standards. In this paper, a framework for the bio­mass Concept Model and the System of Supply and Management of Biomass (CMSB) supporting the efficient management of organizational events within the examined supply chain is proposed and analyzed. The conceptual model includes the identification and specification of events and the preparation of necessary notification based on information needs. On this basis, the paper presents the following relevant elements: Overview of existing literature on the system CMSB, supply chain networks and biomass, the concept of supply chain management system, the types of events that occur in the supply chain of biomass, the concept of supply and management of biomass.

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