Istrazivanja i projektovanja za privreduJournal of Applied Engineering Science


DOI: 10.5937/jaes10-2507
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Volume 10 article 235 pages: 167 - 173

Jezdimir Knezevic 
MIRCE Akademy, Woodbury Park, Exeter, United Kingdom

“If you watch a glacier from a distance, and see the big rocks fallings into the sea, and the way the ice moves, and so forth, it is not really essential to remember that it is made out of little hexagonal ice crystals. Yet if understood well enough the motion of the glacier is in fact a consequence of the character of the hexagonal ice crystals. But it takes quite a while to understand all the behaviour of the glacier (in fact nobody knows enough about ice yet, no matter how much they’ve studied crystal). However, the hope is that if we do understand the ice crystal we shall ultimately understand the glacier.”

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I wish with this paper to pass my very best wishes to Dr Jovan Todorovic, retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering from Belgrade University for his 80th birthday. Not that he introduced the subject of Reliability to the University of Belgrade in mid 1970s, but he has done it by applying the scientifi c way, from the beginning, and enthusiastically shared his knowledge with all of those who were able to embrace it. I was one, of many, benefactors of Professor Todorovic’s pioneering work in reliability theory.

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