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DOI: 10.5937/jaes15-12449
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Volume 15 article 489 pages: 187 - 191

Ol'ga Tarasova
Volga State University of Technology, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Mariia Chernova
Volga State University of Technology, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

This research represents the ways of estimation of woodworking machines’ feed rollers arrangement in a horizontal plane as exemplified by control of the position of the feed rollers axes on a frame saw. Some significant considerations have been stated in relation to standard methods of control GOST 10294, which contain accuracy value and monitoring techniques. Some methods are recommended in the following research, which allow monitor-ing value of possible deviations of mutual arrangement of feed rollers in a horizontal plane. This is done with due consideration of inaccuracy of their setting, as well as radial beats that results from exploitation, by means of conducting measurements in two mutually perpendicu-lar planes.

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