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Editor-in-chief 2015-2023

Dear cleagues,

In my first address as the new editor-in-chief following the untimely passing of our longtime chief editor, professor dr Gradimir Danon, I want to emphasize that I write this tribute not only through the lens of our professional collaboration but also through his mentorship and, I can say with confidence, our friendship.

Each of us, both the editorial team members and the technical staff, sees it as a great honor to have our journal run by a renowned scientist who is also an enthusiastic advocate of science itself. Professor Danon was always willing to offer advice to young scientists while carefully considering the integrity of our scientific output and the interests of science. Today, the Journal of Applied Engineering Science bases its editing on strict moral principles, which include preserving intellectual property rights and avoiding plagiarism. We provide transparency in all editing phases by giving authors reviewer feedback and keeping the review process open while professionally reviewing manuscripts to determine their scientific merit and validity. We meticulously proofread articles, double-check facts, and fix errors since we care about the quality of published works. We support diversity and inclusivity in the selection of authors and themes, and we continuously work to improve it in order to maintain scientific integrity and cooperation in the scientific community.

The Journal of applied engineering dcience has advanced to a Q2 group journal as a result of this work and will continue to operate and produce results according to the same principles, not as a debt to Professor Danon but rather as a legacy he has left behind.

Professor dr Gradimir Danon (1949) was a member of the Academy of engineering sciences of Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of mechanical engineering in Belgrade, where he defended his master\'s and doctoral dissertations. He began his professional career as an associate at the same faculty and achieved his full scientific contribution at the Faculty of forestry in Belgrade, where he retired. During his work at the Faculty of forestry, he held the position of dean, was president of the Faculty Council in several election periods, was a member of the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of science and environmental protection, and was a member of the Council of the biotechnical sciences group of the University of Belgrade. He retired as head of the Department of machines and devices in wood processing, head of the Center for machines and tools for wood processing, and head of the Biomass center of the Faculty of forestry, University of Belgrade.

He was the founder and long-term president of the assembly of the Technical systems maintaince society, as well as the founder and member of the Society of wood processing engineers and technicians and the Yugoslav society for engines and vehicles.

During his scientific career, dr Danon has conducted research in a large number of areas, among which the following stand out: exploration of means of transport; interaction of processing and tool materials in wood processing; Valorization of wood biomass from forestry and wood processing through energy, and application of regulations in the field of road vehicle tires, as well as standards in the field of safety of woodworking machines and devices.

Independently or in collaboration with co-authors, he published six monographs and textbooks, as well as three works in monographs. He has published more than forty original works in journals of international and national importance, and as a reviewer, he was active in a large number of journals from the SCI list, such as Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, Energy, Renewable energy, Forest product journal, Thermal science, and a number of university textbooks and scientific monographs.

Professor Danon participated in a large number of scientific and professional conferences, both as an author and as a member of the program and scientific and organizational committees. He was the initiator and president of the program committee of the scientific and professional conference "Pneumatics", which has been held every two years since 2000, and one of the organizers of the "OMO" (Machine and equipment maintenance) meetings, which are traditionally organized by the DOTS (Technical systems maintenance society) and IIPP (Institute for research and design in industry) every year.

He participated in more than twenty and managed four projects financed by the Ministry of science of the Republic of Serbia, while behind him are also a large number of studies and projects done for clients in the country and abroad, many of which are distinguished by their multidisciplinary and international nature.

As a mentor, he guided doctoral dissertations, master\'s degrees, and master's theses at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade. He was a member of a number of committees for the defense of doctoral dissertations, master's degrees, and master's theses at the Faculties of forestry, of traffic, and of mechanical engineering of the University of Belgrade.

Professor dr Gradimir Danon will be remembered as an exceptional man, scientist, mentor and colleague, whose contribution to science and engineering will remain indelible. To him be eternal glory, and thanks for everything he has done for our scientific journal and the scientific community in general.

Dr Nada Stanojević

     Editor-in-chief 2003-2015

With sadness, deep sorrow, and respect, we pay tribute to our dear and esteemed professor dr Todorović. We lost not only one of the initiators of our journal, a distinguished professor, an eminent scientist, but above all, a dear colleague and a friend. We will remember him as the editor-in-chief and professor who has significantly contributed to the affirmation of the Journal of applied engineering science.

Jovan Todorović was born on September 19, 1932, in Belgrade. He completed elementary and secondary schooling in Belgrade and, in 1957, graduated from the Faculty of mechanical engineering, University of Belgrade. In 1972 obtained Ph.D. degree from the same faculty.

From 1957 to 1963, was employed with the tractor factory IMT in Belgrade as a test engineer, designer, and deputy director of the Research Institute. In 1962, he was elected assistant professor, in 1967 associate professor, and in 1974 full professor of the Faculty of mechanical engineering, University of Belgrade. From 1977 to 1997, he was the head of the Chair for motor vehicles, and in the meantime, he served as vice dean and chairman of Faculty council, and from 1987 to 1991, as vice rector of the University. He lectured at other faculties in the country and was invited to give lectures at universities in Great Britain, Japan, the USA and Italy. He was supervisor of 26 Ph.Ds. and 45 M.Scs. theses. He published over 10 books, monographs, student textbooks, and over 230 scientific and professional papers.

He realized about 40 R&D projects, mostly for domestic companies, the Yugoslav army, and foreign partners. The most important projects were directed at the investigation of motor vehicle reliability and maintainability, brakes and frictional systems, and road safety, which are the main fields of his scientific and professional interest.

He was one of the founders, the first president, and eventually the honorary president of the Yugoslav society for motor vehicles – YUMV, being a member of the International Federation of automotive engineers – FISITA. He was the member of the FISITA council and for two years was acting as vice president. He was the president of Serbian auto club, the member of the council of the International automobile alliance – AIT and for two years served as the vice president of this organization. For several years, he served as the president of the Serbian road safety council and as a consultant to the World health organization on the realization of its accident prevention programs. He also served as an UNIDO expert on the development projects of the automobile industry and road traffic in the East Africa.

He was a fellow member of the Institution of Mechanicals engineers and Chartered engineers in this country and a member of the Society of automobile engineers in the USA. He was a member of the Serbian scientific society in which was acting as the vice president.

He is recipient of several awards, such as the Belgrade October award (for science) the Medal of the FISITA federation, Safety plaque of Federal government of Yugoslavia (for road safety). In 2002, he received the European award for road safety, presented on behalf of the European Union by the German council for road safety.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to work together and move forward with such a great man and scientist. The memory of him will always be cherished.